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Purple Fig Club: Cold Mountain

November 26, 2016
Purple Fig Club: Cold Mountain image

I can't believe we're closing in on the last book of 2016. Crazy how a whole year flies by!

It felt fitting to read this one as the weather turns a bit cooler, even if not to the extent of being snowy & bleak. For anyone who's still reading, let's jump into the discussion!

December 2016 Book Reminder

November 16, 2016

Whaaaat?! How is it almost December? I know I probably feel this way every year, but somehow it seems like it really flew by more quickly than ever before. Thanksgiving is next week, for goodness' sake!

Well, for those of us who are left to finish out the year, here is your final book of 2016. I'm excited for it!

Purple Fig Club: Boys in the Trees

November 01, 2016

Another month, another book! Apologies for getting this up late. Things have been pretty busy lately and I just didn't find the mental energy to put this together until now.

I hope everyone had a pleasant October! Happy belated Halloween!

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