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Purple Fig Club: Along the Infinite Sea

June 24, 2016
Purple Fig Club: Along the Infinite Sea image

Oh my goodness! I barely finished this month's book in time. Initially, I just took too long finishing a personal book at the end of May that bled over into this month, but then I was trying to borrow a digital version of Along the Infinite Sea so I didn't have to buy it and I had to wait for a "copy" to become available, so I started another personal book. Of course, halfway into my own book, the club book became available, but I didn't want to read both at the same time ... conundrums!

Haha! So, anyway, I pushed through and just finished it in time to get a review post up at about the customary one-week-before-the-end-of-the-month mark. Whew!

July 2016 Book Reminder

June 15, 2016

Well, we made it to the throes of summer, everyone! And with it, a book about boats. Somehow that seems fitting, right?

I hope everyone is doing well now that we’re halfway through the year. (Wait, whaaaat? How did that happen?!) Well, anyway, let’s make the second half just as awesome!

Yoga Practice

June 02, 2016

Look! I finally found a few minutes to blog about something! Woohoo!!!

Apologies to my mom who has seen just about every one of these photos before (had to brag to someone!), but since I haven’t talked about it here yet, I really wanted to record my thoughts and images so I can look back later in one place and track my progress. Plus, I'm just really proud of how hard I've been working and can't hold it in!

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