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October 2016 Book Reminder

September 15, 2016
October 2016 Book Reminder image

It's almost officially fall, which means we're heading into my favorite time of year. I wake up every morning wishing for cooler weather and looking forward to some time off from work here and there. Plus, spices, fall produce, all the change is always welcome!

Without further ado, here's your quick book reminder for next month. Somehow I will make it through this year's remaining books!

Purple Fig Club: The Count of Monte Cristo

September 01, 2016

I'm sorry this is up so late! Truly, August became an insanely busy month and I have to confess ... I didn't get anywhere close to finishing the book (hangs head). It's the first time I haven't finished a book club book and it wasn't due solely to length because I just had trouble finding days where I could read at all.

How did you all fare?

September 2016 Book Reminder

August 15, 2016

I am so far behind on The Count of Monte Cristo right now, it's not even funny! Thank goodness I've at least read it before. I've just been so busy lately, I'm not making the progress I expected to. Hopefully you all are having a better time of it than me.

But we're not quite at deadline yet, so let's not worry about it too much. Instead, I wanted to put up the reminder of what book we have coming up for September!

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