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September 2016 Book Reminder

August 15, 2016
September 2016 Book Reminder image

I am so far behind on The Count of Monte Cristo right now, it's not even funny! Thank goodness I've at least read it before. I've just been so busy lately, I'm not making the progress I expected to. Hopefully you all are having a better time of it than me.

But we're not quite at deadline yet, so let's not worry about it too much. Instead, I wanted to put up the reminder of what book we have coming up for September!

Purple Fig Club: The Boys in the Boat

July 25, 2016

I may be biased in my opinion since I picked this month's book, but I really loved it! I don't remember how I came across it at the end of last year when I was looking for reading options for our club, but I'm so glad I did.

I would never have thought I would've been so interested to read a book about college boys learning to row as a crew team, but the people that the story follows, the historical setting and yes, even the details about what rowing entails and what it physically does to a person, all made it a fascinating read. I hope you all enjoyed it too if you were able to get to it!

August 2016 Book Reminder

July 18, 2016

Well, there's no doubt we're in the middle of the hottest part of the year, but it's still bizarre that I'm posting up the book reminder for August already. My, how the time flies! As I write this, I'm excited because Sarah Beth is actually in town and I will get to see her in just a couple of days! Woohoo!!

I hope the summer is going by smoothly for all of you! And we're slowly approaching a very important time of the year... can anyone guess?  ;)

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