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About Liz

Hey, my name is Liz. I'm a native Floridian and twenty-something with one husband, one ferret and three cats. I love writing, traveling, graphic design and reading. I read everything from Dostoevsky to comic books and have been fortunate enough to visit Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, England and Brazil. But I'm hoping to expand on that.

Currently, my three favorite shows are Breaking Bad, Fringe and Glee. Music-wise, I'm... discriminating. Not snobby, as people tease me, though I'll admit I don't listen to the radio much. If I do, it's usually NPR or the Philips Phile. Check my "What I'm listening to" if you're interested.

I try to learn new skills as I go (baking, screen printing, sewing, foreign languages) to keep life interesting.

If I'm cool in any way, it's because Nerdy is coming back in style. As a kid, I won my elementary school spelling bee when I was in 6th grade and I was in both the regular and the Spanish National Honor societies. I have never had a detention, a cavity or a speeding ticket. Grammar is my friend. I am the good kid.

married life

I got married on November 27, 2009, to my best friend, Adam, who runs a little graphic design business called Elixir Graphics.

I'm an avid Orlando Magic fan (put in J.J.!), a casual violinist (since 4th grade) and a huge goofball.

Despite being born in Miami and currently living in Orlando (or maybe because of it), I hate the heat and humidity. Not to mention the hurricanes. (Hurricane Andrew turned my house inside out two days before my 11th birthday.) I am determined to move out of Florida eventually.

In 2004, I started a LiveJournal account to keep up with family and friends, and to allow them to keep up with me. Six years later, I'm still blogging. Only, now, I've decided to customize things a bit more and have a space that's all my own. Ad free.

This is me and this is my blog. Welcome.

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