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A Good Weekend

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I sure did. Somehow I ended up with a great balance of cleaning and relaxing, so that I didn’t feel like I lazed the time away, but I didn’t exhaust myself either and stayed in a good mood.

I love it when it all comes together! 

We finally put away our Christmas tree and other decorations, for one thing, and also got some dusting, vacuuming and laundry done. With the house de-cluttered and de-dusted a bit, the only thing left to do was open the blinds and curtains and light it up.

There’s something so refreshing about a clean, sunlit house. I just love it. It put me in the perfect mood to spend some time in the kitchen. But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what I was making!

(A preview though for this week’s food: I have two lunch recipes, one side dish and a dessert. There’s a breakfast recipe I really want to make soon, so maybe I’ll have it for next week. I know I’ve only done oatmeal so far in that category.)

Anyway, with the Christmas tree cleared out of the way, we finally had room to go buy a new cat tree for indoor use (I've had a porch one for years). We’d been wanting to for a while anyway, to give the cats a few more levels to sit at in the living room and to offer alternatives for climbing and scratching besides our furniture. But it was also depressing to take away Chloe’s new favorite napping place when the tree disappeared, so we wanted to give her a good replacement.

We found one in the second store that we liked with enough levels for all 3 cats. Then we carried it out to my car only to realize it didn’t fit.

Twenty minutes, some real-life Tetris practice and one shoestring later, and we were on our way home.

I think it’s a hit … how about you? (Chloe uses the bottom bed area; she just wasn’t there when I shot this.)

Of course, that was mainly chores and errands. In the fun department, we read, played Skyrim, ate some junk food and some healthy food (for balance, of course … you gotta have junk food once in a while!).

We went out to Lime yesterday for lunch because we both love their food and sitting on their patio. Yesterday maybe wasn’t their best showing, though. We wanted Coke and the dispenser was broken. And normally they play a mix of 90s music, which is amazing, but yesterday was all 2000s pop, which I avoid like the plague. Feels like a betrayal of some kind. Sigh.

Speaking of music real quick, Adam bought an album that both of us had heard mentioned a couple of times and so far, I’m really liking it! I’m going to have to get him to burn it for me, so I can share. It’s The Black Keys album El Camino. You can watch a video of the first track here and, really, this video alone should make you fall in love.

A Good Weekend
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