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A New Year

These thoughts may be a little belated, but now is when I've had the time to write about them, so now is when you get them! Happy 2016 to all of you, by the way! I hope the thought of a fresh new year fills you with as much of a sense of purpose and excitement as it does me.

Even if we don't fully complete any resolutions we may have made and even if we have tired or less "successful" days here and there, there's something about the idea of starting anew that is refreshing to the spirit. And there's certainly no harm in setting goals we hope to achieve because even if we don't get all the way there on some of them, we'll at least have made some fresh effort.

Truth be told, I've already had a couple of "bad" days and we're just a week into the new year.

Molly recently went through one of her phases where we can't tell if she has a UTI, but nearly every morning we wake up to find urine soaking into something. Sigh. So there's no doubt life will continue to throw you curveballs. Here's the little beast doing her best to look like she's never done any such thing:

Just a couple of nights ago, I was getting ready for bed when I noticed that, yet again, this thing that's happened to me off and on for at least the past few years was happening again. Sometimes when I'm on my feet a lot in the evenings, my toes get hot, red and swollen. It's never been a big deal or particularly consistent in its occurence, but I finally decided it has to be an actual "thing" and I went online to ask the Internet about it and promptly decided that I had erythromelalgia.

Now don't judge me too harshly. I have properly diagnosed multiple conditions in the past using my Googling skills. Is it my fault that in this particular case, when I searched my symptoms, basically every link that came up was for this rare genetic disease? I went to sleep feeling all kinds of depressed, but yesterday morning, I went back online to find a podiatrist. I've been needing to make an appointment anyway due to some pain in my arches (which are very high and have always giving me difficulty in shoe purchases and the like). But somewhere in the midst of my searching, I stumbled across a page about peripheral neuropathy, which is a much more common and less scary condition that also encompasses my symptoms. So, like, take a deep breath once in a while, okay? Especially if you're easily panicked like I am. LOL. (I have an appointment for next Friday.)

But the bottom line is you can't let it all get you down. Something I've been taking to heart over the past 6 months is the lesson that I need to be my own powerhouse. Not that those are the words of anyone but myself, but I just generally have realized that I need to motivate myself toward the things I want to accomplish because I'm the only one around who can decide what I want and who can set those goals.

Can I be cliche for a moment? Life is short. Do fun things! Set goals! Try new things! Travel once in a while! Be silly! Be expressive! Be honest! Be yourself!

On a note about things that ARE going right, I'm super excited about a fresh year of reading goals, Pop Pilates, getting my Invisaligns off at some point and so much more! 

I've already signed up for two 5Ks that should be fun. I have the annual Highland Games coming up in just over a week. By May it'll be time for Megacon again. Just so much to look forward to! I'm doing my best to stay positive and motivated. Heck, maybe that should've been one of my resolutions for the year. Because it is definitely hard sometimes.

I hope you're staying positive and motivated at the start of your new year too!

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