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Amelia Island Retreat

Family & friends! I am so sorry to have neglected you these long weeks. I can't express how busy work and life have been lately. But to make up for it, I'm going to publish 3 posts in 3 days (even if one of them is just the book reminder for next month).

Let's catch up with each other a bit, okay? Okay! I think I may have mentioned I was going to Amelia Island for a show the third week of September (Yes? No?). I ended up taking off a day while I was there so I could drag Adam with me and do fun, vacation-y things. Here are the results!

I don't want to write between these photos because I think they speak for themselves. All I'll say is that the hotel was right on the beach, the weather was gorgeous, we did a little sight-seeing, including at Fort Clinch just below the Georgia border. And I got to do one of my bucket list items: ride a horse on the beach.

(Some of the horse riding pictures that both Adam & I are in may look a little jittery (and small since they're scaled-down panoramas). It's because our photographer was our guide and she was on horseback when she shot them. For me, it doesn't diminish the effect ... or the memory.)

Hope this brings you a sense of relaxation in the middle of what is probably a busy week for all of us.

Ahhhh ... I feel very serene now. Hopefully you enjoyed your vicarious vacation as well.

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