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Apopka Fall

While I could sit here and complain yet again about how I really wish we had more distinct seasons here in Florida, I'm feeling like putting a positive spin on it. True northern winters brings woes that I don't have to deal with, so the grass is always greener, yada, yada, yada... or, the snow is always whiter? I don't know.

So even though it's not as cool as I would like, I'm thrilled that we've started having less rain (my poor grass and landscaping is gasping for air!) and I'm letting the anticipation of cooler and dryer weather grow to a fever pitch, which will make it that much more exciting when it truly arrives. We had one fluke day recently, which was incredible, but I'm holding out for more than just an anomaly.

Plus, I have some absolutely gorgeous views right now.

Granted, the land in the photos below will eventually be homes, but I'm going to enjoy the heck out of the greenery while I can. Check out this field of weeds across the street that catches the sun in an almost breathtaking way. I've been looking at these for weeks now and finally threw some flip-flops on with my pajama pants this morning and strolled out there, determined to finally get the pictures I've been meaning to.

I love how this "throwaway" flora is so wild and colorful. I don't think we give enough credit to uncultivated growth most times.

Were I a better photographer, these would be infinitely more awesome, but for using my iPhone to take pictures into the sun, I think these turned out magnificently.

I have a feeling that if I attempted to take these photos again earlier in the morning or possibly at the end of the day, they might come out even better, without the sun directly in my face (and the camera's). So maybe I'll try again!

Since these pictures have to be shrunk down to fit this blog page (which we're hoping to redesign at some point to allow more flexibility), I thought I'd leave you with one at full size. This is photo #2 from above, just cropped a bit.

It's all a bit blurry because of the wind bouncing them around, but look at that color!

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