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April 2016 Book Reminder

I hope all of you are enjoying the beginnings of spring and some beautiful, long days! I'm loving life myself and chugging steadily along in my 25-book goal for the year. I'm also halfway through round 2 of my fitness program, so that feels good too! And taxes are all done, so there's lots to be thankful for right now.

Believe it or not, we're already midway to March (!), so it's time to remind everyone what book to try to get a hold of in the next couple of weeks if you haven't already. Tip: If you read on the Kindle, this one may be available to borrow from your local library since I've already checked for myself. Free books are the best!


Synopsis: After five hectic years of retirement from Lord's Chapel, Father Tim Kavanagh returns with his wife, Cynthia, from a so-called pleasure trip to the land of his Irish ancestors. While glad to be at home in Mitford, something is definitely missing: a pulpit. But when he's offered one, he decides he doesn't want it. Maybe he's lost his passion.

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