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Friday Roundup

Sorry I've been so busy lately and haven't been posting much. I thought I'd do a Friday roundup of what's up with me lately. Maybe give us something to chat about.

Hope all of you are excited about the fact that it's October already! I'm pretty psyched myself because, believe it or not, we actually have a cold front coming through this weekend. Maybe this winter will make up for the last one. I'm pumped to be waking up to below 60 degrees Sunday morning! 

New phone

So I waited a good 3+ years before upgrading to a new cell phone and now it's like going from the Cretaceous Era to the Space Age. I moved from an iPhone 4S to a 6 Plus.

I was a little concerned about the size and, while yes, I am still getting to used to how much bigger it is than my previous phone, I am also LOVING the nice big screen view.

By the way, "going from the Cretaceous Era to the Space Age" is also my plan for my car. My current one is more than 10 years old now, so by the time I get a new one, I plan to be all, "Holy cow! The windows go down when you press a button now? Whaaaaat?!?!?!?!" It's going to be epic.


So last week ... was it last week? Let me check the calendar real quick ... ummm ... yes! Last week, I went to Atlanta for another tradeshow for work. I feel like I'm traveling so much this late summer-fall season that I can't keep track of when I'm there and when I'm here. 

Fortunately, they're all pretty short trips, usually about 3 days total. My next one is a month from now and it'll be in Arlington, VA, so I'm hoping for cool weather and pretty leaves! And then I think that'll be it for a long while. Yay for staying home!

Don't get me wrong ... I love traveling to new places ... but I also hate going through the airport every 2 weeks. You understand.


This morning, I mixed up a batch of these. They are hands down, no questions asked, the best chocolate chip cookies you will ever eat. (If you decide to bake them sometime, though, I recommend cutting the amount of chocolate in half.)

I brought them to my hair stylist one time and he just died exclaiming over them. I figured it's been a couple years, so since I have a hair appointment tomorrow, I'm going to bake them up fresh tomorrow morning for him (plus, Adam & I get the extras)!

Reading (& Viewing)

I'm more than halfway through The Book Thief now and am really loving the characters and the narration style. Like I said, I didn't specifically intend to go from one book set in Nazi Germany to another, but somehow these are still totally different books, and both amazing in their own ways.

Also, I'm getting through lots of comics, which is nice. Oh! Speaking of which, if you're at all interested in Batman-related stuff, the new show on Fox - Gotham - is incredible (and only 2 episodes in). It revolves around a young Jim Gordon, but also features a lot of Batman favorites - young Catwoman, Bruce Wayne, Penguin, The Riddler and more. Great casting. A fun way to spend an hour!

Well, that's about it. Don't want to dive too far into the minutiae of my life and bore you. I'm hoping to get back into some sewing projects this fall, so I'll share those with you as they progress. 

Have a wonderful, relaxing, beautiful weekend!

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