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From One Washington to the Next

As of yesterday, I've started on the last two work trips I have this year. Currently, I'm in Washington, DC (well, technically Arlington, but I flew into DC and it's like a few minutes from my hotel) and then next week, I'm flying to Washington state!

I'm far more excited about trip #2, except for the length of the flight. The show I'm at now is in the same hotel every year, so I've been here before and also this trip has not gone smoothly in any way. I'm hanging in there though.

This trip started with my airline posting one gate on the monitors, which I went to, and then suddenly deciding, "Oops! We meant this other gate." Which meant going all the way from Terminal A back through security for a second time and into Terminal B. Thanks, American. Awesome job. I love going through TSA twice and having to throw out the water bottle I just bought to have on the plane.

And then yesterday I got to the hotel only to find out that my freight carrier mixed up my booth shipment and it went to Las Vegas! Whee! 

So, good times all around. 

Today's been much better by comparison. Also, I've barely been outside, but there are still some pretty leaves on the trees out there and nice cool weather. Plus, I didn't realize it when I was here last year, but this hotel is connected to Crystal City underground, which is exactly what it sounds like. An underground ... mall, basically. Drugstore, coffee, food ... it's been really handy!

I'll be home by 9pm tomorrow, assuming no delays and then I get 3 days at home before I fly out again on Sunday. A quick turnaround for sure, but I'm excited because I've always wanted to see Seattle. Hopefully I'll get to do a little sightseeing after such a long flight.

Yesterday was Adam's birthday, so we have lots of fun stuff going on there too. We went out to dinner with his mom on Sunday night. I've left a trail of presents around the house, so he gets to open the one I guide him to for each day I'm gone. And this coming Saturday, Andee and Chris are coming over for more celebrations. I can't wait!

Anyway, I'll try to post some pictures of the upcoming festivities and travel for you all!

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