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I’m a Rambling (Wo)man

I've hit my busiest time of the year, work-wise. Things have been pretty chaotic with the number of concurrent projects I have going on. Still, I remind myself that it's better to be busy than bored, and I at least have a wonderful, not-micro-managing boss who makes my life much easier.

I'm leaving on the first of three -- count them, three! -- trips that I have to take this month for tradeshows. I don't think I've really gone into them on the blog yet, so I thought I'd let you all know where I'm going to be before you know it!

Trip #1: New Orleans

I leave this Sunday for my first show of August and it is smack dab in the heart of New Orleans. I'm pretty excited about this because I think I have realistic expectations and won't be disappointed. For example, I expect everything to be poor, run-down and dirty. 

On the other hand, I'm still excited to see some of the distinctive buildings in the French Quarter, hear some jazz and experience the general vibe of the city.

That said, I won't be venturing out on my own much, particularly after dark, (this side note is for your peace of mind, mom) because I am fully aware of the high crime rate. Even so, I hope to experience it a little and not be entirely confined to my hotel, so if I get to take some pictures worth sharing, I'll post them when I get back!

Trip #2: Des Moines

Yes!! Exciting and idyllic Des Moines! Where everyone saves up to go on the vacation of a lifetime ... right? No? Wait a second. I think someone lied to me...

So yeah, I know most people aren't raring to go to the midwest for kicks, but the way I see it is: When and why would ever go to Des Moines otherwise? I don't know anyone there. There's not much to do there that's unique to the area. 

At least I'll get to see a city I would likely never see in my life otherwise. And maybe have a bit more of a picture in my head of what that part of the country looks like.

Trip #3: Philadelphia

I have to admit, this is the least exciting of the trips, but only for the sole reason that I've been there before. Once when I was little and got to see the Liberty Bell and once a few years back when I visited Adinah. (Which I'm hoping to do again on this trip...)

Which brings me to the one reason I'm looking forward to this trip -- hopefully I'll get to have dinner with Adinah while I'm there. It's been a while since I last saw her.

So there you have it. Three trips in four weeks. I can do it!! 

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