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Isn’t It Eggcellent?

Buying food from local farms is an effort. It means getting up somewhat early on a Saturday before things get really crowded and scouring the farmer’s market for the items on my grocery list.

It means teaching myself to pay attention to what’s in season, but it also means paying attention to which vendors at the market are resellers and which ones are actually farmers.

Even with the great selection at the Winter Park farmer’s market, a lot of the produce there is still from Michigan, California, Washington and so on.

I finally made up my mind to try to buy the dirty dozen organic as much as possible, and the remainder of fruits & vegetables I’m trying to buy locally. If those two can ever meet (organic AND local), well then my dream comes true. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a true, strict locavore, but if I can even do 75%, well, that makes me happy.

There’s also the topic of meat and dairy, but I’ll save them for another time.

Today, I want to rave about eggs.

A few months ago, I started paying more attention to buying USDA Certified Organic eggs, which are more expensive, but mean cage free, organically fed chickens. Well, now I can do one better.

Through my online searching, I found several local farms, one of which is a livestock farm just over in Ocoee, right near where Adam grew up. It’s called Lake Meadows Naturals. You can even visit, though I haven’t made it out there yet. I think that would be a fun, educational trip for kids.

With our last $6 at the farmer’s market last weekend, we finally found their booth and bought a dozen large eggs. These eggs are so fresh that the sell by (not use by, just sell by) date on the carton was May 9. That gave us at least a month and half to use them. Crazy, right?

I hard-boiled some for my lunches this week. A couple got fried up for breakfast yesterday. One of the whites got separated from its yolk last night and helped pull together the filling for our stuffed shells. A couple more are going to go into a dessert I plan to make later this week.

Okay, okay. So I probably went overboard with the eggs, but I was eggcited. (Lol. I couldn’t resist.) Normally, I don’t eat more than 1 or 2 a week.

But knowing that these eggs came directly from the “happy hens” from just 25 minutes down the road makes them that much better to me. These are the eggs I plan to buy from now on.

The same farm also sells meat and chicken, but I’m pretty sure that at least with the chicken, that means whole, although I intend to ask this Saturday. I’m not quite to the point that I wanted to buy and prepare a whole chicken (plus we were out of cash anyway), but that day is coming people. I don’t think there’s any way I can convince myself not to try it at some point! Are you ready for that blog post? 

Isn’t It Eggcellent?
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