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March 2016 Book Reminder

Look at me being all smart! I scheduled this book reminder post before leaving for New York so I wouldn't forget and be late again. (Sometimes I'm clever.)

I hope the next book is a good one. I thought it might be a light and entertaining read about the various myths we've been taught over the years about our bodies. I wonder what I sitll currently believe that isn't true. Hopefully at least a few things because that'll be fun to talk about. Happy reading and stay warm!

Also, happy belated Valentine's Day and current Presidents Day! Hope you are having a snuggly long weekend with people you love.


Synopsis: People have more access to medical information than ever before, and yet we still believe "facts" about our bodies and health that are just plain wrong. DON'T SWALLOW YOUR GUM! takes on these myths and misconceptions, and exposes the truth behind some of those weird and worrisome things we think about our bodies. 

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