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March Visual Food Diary: Week 1

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” ~ Julia Child

Good food is one of my favorite things in life, whether I cook it myself, enjoy it at a friend’s house or treat myself to dinner out. I truly enjoy the bright colors, smells and of course, tastes, of fresh foods.

In an earlier blog post, I breezed over the fact that I’m doing a 28-day workout challenge. It’s via the same trainer I’ve been following since November (Cassey Ho of Pop Pilates), but for the month of March, rather than doing her normal calendar workouts, she released a special $39 program. (I specify the cost because all of her normal workout videos are free.)

It’s called PIIT28. If you’re familiar with the concept of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), it’s her version: Pilates Intense Interval Training.

The format is to do 4 rounds, each made up of 7 moves. You do each move for 45 seconds, rest for 15 and so on until you finish round 1. Then you repeat 3 times. So, if you follow that math, the whole workout is under 30 minutes … but it’s intense.

It alternates cardio with Pilates. So you might do 45 seconds of lunges, rest 15, then 45 seconds of criss-cross crunches, for example. It keeps your heart rate up, but also requires strength. Day 1 focused on abs. Day 2 on legs. So on and so forth, meaning it’s not the same workout every day.

I really enjoy it! It’s a challenge, but it’s fun too. But it also makes me hungry like the wolf every day!

So, in keeping with this March workout challenge, I thought it would be personally fun to also track my diet through photos. And just to be clear, I never mean “diet” as in eating less or differently to lose weight. I don’t do that. I just try to eat reasonable quantities of mostly healthy foods. Whenever I say “diet,” I always mean, “my habit of eating.”

Now, it’s a bit of work to remember to take pictures of everything you eat and drink before diving in, so this will not be a long-term thing for me (and I definitely had to “borrow” some stock images from Panera’s website when I forgot a few times. Lol). But I’ll say this: so far, it’s been an extremely effective way of motivating myself to eat healthy foods since I have to look at the pictures later!

I was just going to post the full month’s visual food diary at the end of March, but as I thought about it, that seemed like an excessively long blog post, so I’m going to do one weekly instead.

If you’re not interested, which is totally legitimate, don’t feel like you have to look through it. I just wanted it recorded somewhere for myself and, if you are interested and see any food that looks good, I’m happy to share recipes!

Some of this will be a little boring regardless because I tend to buy groceries for the week and repeat lunches, snacks and such. Can’t cook a new dish for every meal, right?!

Also, I have a personal restriction to 2 drinks (alcohol) and 2 desserts per week. Somehow I managed to get in my 2 desserts last Tues & Thurs and this week’s right away on Sun & Mon. Since March started on a Tuesday, my first “week” shows 4 desserts. Yikes! Lol. Hopefully I’ll be able to refrain from any more this week. We’ll see how I do…

Day 1: Tuesday


Day 2: Wednesday

Day 3: Thursday

Day 4: Friday

Day 5: Saturday

Today we spent the day at Andee's house, so these are our "hangout day" foods. I think we did pretty well!

Day 6: Sunday

Day 7: Monday

And that's week 1! Overall, aside from somehow cramming two weeks' worth of desserts into 7 days (though I don't feel too badly about that 80-calorie Weight Watchers ice cream bar ... we didn't realize they were snack size. LOL), I stuck to my goal of eating mostly fresh, whole foods and staying within my non-water and sugar limits. 

Also, a side note: Since I started my new fitness routine in November, I have lost some weight. However, my goal currently is not to lose weight, but to simply be in great shape and build muscle (which I definitely have). So if it looks like I'm eating a lot on some days, I am! I'm finding that if I want to keep doing the exercise that I love on a daily basis, I have to eat more. My personal goal is to make those foods mostly healthy and not just throw in random processed snacks to fill in the gaps. Hence making roasted chickpeas and such from time to time.

Okay then, until next week's food!

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