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March Visual Food Diary: Week 3

I did it, you guys! Back to only two desserts for this past week. And I actually had only one alcoholic beverage, so it was a stellar week all around. I did end up eating some "junk" food because we went out with people over the weekend, including to the Winter Park Art Festival, but hey, you've gotta enjoy life, right?

Other than that, I've stayed on track and as of this morning, I just completed the first workout of week 4 of my challenge. So, all in all, March has been a solid month for me in fitness!

I'm happy to say that I have only one week left of this! Not the exercising. The taking pictures of food. LOL. It's so much work to remember to take the pictures, then compile and post them. I'll be happy to have that time and mental energy back. But still, it's been interesting to take a look at my diet this way. And it has encouraged me to make good choices, so there's that too. 

If I did this for a whole year (I won't), it would actually be fun to see the change in meal choices over the seasons. I've been trying to mostly stick to a winter to spring transition fruit- & veggie-wise. There have been a few fudges here and there because of a craving, but I try pretty hard to eat what's fresh. Not only is it cheaper, but those things taste the best if you eat them at their peak. I'm getting pretty excited for rhubarb, corn, cherries, peas, etc.

I need the switch soon because I've definitely tired of potatoes, Brussels sprouts and squash for a few months! I think maybe this weekend, I'll roast up an artichoke. Mmmm...

(Also, wow, glancing down at these image compilations, I realize I have a few typos in there. But at this point, whatever. I don't feel like going back to fix them. Sometimes laziness is a time saver!)

Day 15: Tuesday

Day 16: Wednesday

Day 17: Thursday

Day 18: Friday

Day 19: Saturday

Day 20: Sunday

Day 21: Monday

These last two cookies count for this week, not the previous one, so my two desserts from last week were the Weight Watchers snack ice cream bar and 2 cookies. Go willpower!

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