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March Visual Food Diary: Week 4

I made it through week 4 of taking food pictures. It’s a miracle! You don’t know how many times I started munching, ate half of or entirely finished a meal before realizing I hadn’t photographed it. LOL. Or maybe you did since some of my photos are copy/pastes of previous times I ate a KIND bar or stock photos from a restaurant website or simply pictures of half-eaten food.

Oh well. It’s not like it’s a natural thing to take pictures of everything you eat, so I don’t feel bad I didn’t do a perfect job. But I am glad I’m all done because now I can eat with abandon!

This also means that I finished my 28-day PIIT fitness challenge! Woohoo!!! As a reward, I’m buying myself a new set of workout clothes (whenever I have time to go look) and making my triple layer lemon cake (from the baking project a few years back). Andee & her husband are coming over on Saturday, so it gives me an extra excuse to make such a big dessert because they’ll help me eat it and take some of the leftovers home.

I did well again this week. I did eat one extra dessert, but it was just a Cadbury egg and totally on purpose because I only get them once a year and it was my little pre-Easter treat. So yay for eating a well-balanced diet!

Oh right, a few last things...

Every March, the comic book store Adam & I frequent does their own version of March Madness with a different coupon each day. It's our tradition to make sure we go on the Wednesday that they do trivia because the more questions you answer right, the more stamps you get on your card (leading to money off purchases). And it was also our tradition to eat at Tijuana Flats after going to the store. We hadn't been together in so long (Adam mostly just picks up our comics on Fridays when he goes to judge/play HeroClix every week now that we read a lot more digital comics, etc.) that I really missed my chicken tostadas & beer, so it was extremely satisfying to place that order! LOL 

Next, I did totally splurge on pizza on Saturday night, but in my defense, even though it wasn’t the healthiest choice, I was STARVING from my intensive workout and I didn’t feel stuffed after, so I think I just need the extra calories.

And lastly, we went to a late-morning brunch on Easter Sunday at Cask & Larder (my favorite!) and had the most amazing babka & beignet combo to start, then I had a tamale with carnitas, a sunny-side-up egg, salsa verde, pickled onions, pepitas, a crumbly cheese (queso fresco?) & microgreens on top. I don’t know if it looks appetizing in the picture since I’d eaten most of it, haha, but it was one of the best things I’ve EVER eaten. I’m tempted to go back soon and order it a second time!

Anyway, these are the last of my food pics. Hurrah!

Day 22: Tuesday

Day 23: Wednesday

Day 24: Thursday

Day 25: Friday

Day 26: Saturday

Day 27: Sunday

Day 28: Monday

I'm really proud of this last day in particular. I think I ate pretty darn healthy. I'm excited to eat my lunch the next few days! I went to the trouble (& expense) of going to Whole Foods for Wild Alaskan Salmon (versus the farmed kind they sell at Publix) and decided to make something that screamed Spring! So it's salmon over spring mix with asparagus and peas, and that middle section is quinoa mixed with smashed avocado and lime juice. So good!

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