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My First Paint Project (in the new house)

I finally braved it! One of the walls in my house has recently been painted. It took 17 months to get here and it feels like a raving success! 

Which room did I paint? Or which wall, specifically? I painted an accent wall in our home office. Ever since we rearranged the office a while back, my desk faces out from one of the walls, so I decided to paint the one that is behind me while I'm working. Come see!

First, everything got carefully taped off.

Adam took a nice photo of me smiling for the camera, but first he snapped a shot of me hamming it up. I feel like it wouldn't be me unless I posted the hammy one.

Also, I neglected to mention it until now, but this was my project. So I wanted to do (and did) the whole thing myself. It was only one wall, so it wasn't as tiring as if I had done the whole room. And it left Adam free to do fun stuff like this...

I'm fast, right?! Anyway, here's the finished product with rug & desk moved back into place. I'm really liking it! Now to decide what to hang on it. I'll let you know what I decide within the next 17 months... LOL!

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