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Nashville, here I come!

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Tennessee for another work trip. I'm looking forward to it and hope I get to enjoy Nashville a little bit while I'm there. I'll at least be going with 2 other marketing people, which is nice, because I'll definitely have people I know already to chat with at the show.

It's one of the larger shows we do all year, so it'll be an interesting experience for me since most of my shows tend to be smaller. And for a change, I don't fly out until almost 6pm, so no waking up at 3:30am for me -- woohoo!!

The conference is being held in the relatively new Music City Center, which looks gorgeous!

My only minor gripe is that I have got to stop going places where they don't follow daylight savings time -- it's so confusing!

Last month, when I went to Phoenix, even though it's technically on Mountain Time, it was practically on Pacific Time because they don't observe Daylight Savings changes. 

And now, I found out just a few days ago that Nashville also is on standard time. Which means that, even though they are also Eastern, they are an hour behind the rest of us. 

Initially, I was just going to mock you Tennesseans, but I think I'm realizing now that it's not the whole state because other cities like Knoxville seem to be on the same time as me. If that's true, is that disorienting or what?!

If anything, I would like not to have to fall back and spring forward every year, but truly, I just wish everyone in the country did the same thing, whichever way we all choose to go because I cannot keep up with who participates and who doesn't. I'm glad my colleague gave me the heads up because I would have been so confused when I landed and my phone said an hour later than I expected.

Anyway, I'll be gone Tuesday afternoon until Friday evening, so I probably won't put up any worthwhile posts this week, but I'll try to take some pictures that I can share when I get back!

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