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So I'll have to post pictures on Wednesday because I forgot to bring my camera with me. We finally moved into our new space at work and I love it! Remember when I was raving about the cool place at work with the graphics people? Well, they got booted out and we are in! *Insert evil laugh* My team has finally been pulled from our various buildings and grouped in the same room in the north building. Which makes me feel very cool because I'm no longer in an "office" setting. (Granted, we don't have the whole room. The back half is cubicled off for another team, but no one's in there yet.)

I park in the grass at the back of the property and come in through the warehouse. I sit at an Ikea desk and have my own bookcase. I have big windows, high warehouse ceilings decked out with support beams, ventilation pipes and the works. The dress code ... well, it's almost like not having one. This is more like the workspace I've always envisioned. Now all I have to do is get a couple of raises and some more design projects. Oh, and did I mention the walls are green? It's like my happy place come to life. I think pictures will help explain the massive improvement I'm trying to describe here. I'd post them sooner, but it's worldwide day of prayer tomorrow and I'll be at Calvary Assembly all day.

I just found an e-mail my mom forwarded to us kids last week since it got put in my spam box for some reason. It had a series of pictures of those country-style hand-painted crafty wood squares you hang up with wire that have cute sayings on them.

This was my favorite:

I don't skinny dip. I chunky dunk.

Also, an image from the weekend.

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