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Purple Fig 2016?

Crazy enough, it's come around to the time of year again when we should all throw in our thoughts about doing the book club for another year. I'd love to hear your feedback about whether you're still liking the selection of books we generally end up with, if your schedule leaves you enough time to get through them each month and so on.

I'll be traveling for work again next week and then Thanksgiving will be upon us before you know it (along with my anniversary, Christmas and a million other things to keep me occupied, I'm sure!) So it would be great if we could discuss now because if we do move forward into 2016, that'll give us a month to mull over what books we want to select and then give me time to get the list posted sometime in December.

If you end up voting in favor of continuing the Purple Fig Club another year, please also let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts on a theme or other guidelines for next year's books. We don't have to have one, but I feel like it helps keep things diverse (although, honestly, I think our different personalities help with that too!).

Or if you've been liking the type of categories I throw out, we can do that again too.

Or maybe theme each month according to holidays or weather? So, like January might be a nonfiction book about MLK Jr. or new beginnings, February might be a romance (a good one, not Danielle Steel, obviously!) or presidential biography, March might be something by an Irish author, etc. Then each one of us would select our top 3 preferred months (first come, first served, I guess) and then you'd have to choose books that fit your months' themes.

Or each month could represent a different country and the book that month would have to be by an author native to that country.

I don't know. I just always keep the brain churning!

Anyway, let me know what you think, yay/nay, and if yay, whether you have a preference on how we select books. I have no ideas whatsoever lately about specific books to read, so I'll need the time to brainstorm!

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