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Purple Fig 2016 Book Selection

Okay, everyone, I’m going with the monthly theme idea for next year’s book picks, but to make the selections easier, I’m offering up to 3 options per month. All of them are based on actual special days (whether you’ve heard of them or not!) within the month in which they appear.

Remember, Andee is only a part-time member for 2016, so you’ll need to pick 4 months/books this time around. Feel free to throw in a book you’ve already read if it helps you. Each theme word is broad – as long as you can make a mental connection between a theme word and a book choice, I’m cool with it, and the genre is your call.

First come, first served! (But I’ll choose last to be fair since I know when this is posting. Plus, I have no idea what I’m going to pick this time around. Lol.)

My goal is to have the final list posted before Christmas. So please don’t take more than 2-3 weeks to brainstorm and then let me know your picks in the comments below. Don’t forget to note what month/theme you’re choosing with each book title, so I can get the reading order right.

Also, as much as it’s possible, my mom requested that any longer books be assigned to the summer months when she has more time to commit to them, so see what you can do if you have a particularly long book (400+ pages) that you want to read.


a) New beginnings
b) Science Fiction
c) Civil rights


a) Presidential biography (or White House adjacent)
b) Friendship
c) Love


a) Irish author, character or setting
b) Something “green” – growth (figurative or literal), conservation, flower names, etc.
c) Medicine/health


a) Water
b) Humor
c) Travel, a journey


a) Female writer or protagonist
b) Space/exploration
c) Mexican author, heritage, major character, setting


a) Book in a series
b) Beauty of life
c) Male author or protagonist


a) American author
b) Summer (a light beach read)
c) Western


a) Heroes
b) A book to relax with
c) Forgiveness, acceptance


a) Change
b) Strength
c) Comic book/graphic novel


a) Internet inspired (book by a blogger you like, effects of the Internet on our behavior, etc.)
b) Disaster/emergency
c) Horror


a) A favorite author (biography about them, a book by them you haven’t read yet, etc.)
b) War
c) Health/Wellness


a) Giving/sacrifice
b) Art (Artist biography, stolen artifact mystery, archeology, etc.)
c) Books by Nobel Prize-winning writers or books about Nobel Prize winners (not necessarily writers)

Post your choices below - preferably by December 20th!

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