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Purple Fig Club: Seven Men

I meant to publish this review post before I left for Detroit for work, but I got too busy with doing laundry and packing and all that fun stuff. So thankfully I remembered to today while I have a few minutes.

I hope everyone is well and happy and enjoying the approach of (hopefully) cooler weather!

So, no beating around the bush ... I really enjoyed this book! Maybe it's the Internet user in me, but it was right up my alley to consume a number of mini-bios together rather than reading one full biography. Not that I don't think each of the men in the book aren't worth exploring more (although we of course already read in detail about Bonhoeffer), but my brain enjoys skipping from topic to topic sometimes.

There wasn't a single person whose life story I didn't find very compelling and also touching. Despite the fact that Metaxas wrote this book as sort of a motivational read for young men, obviously anyone can take away good moral and life lessons from it.

Can you believe I actually didn't know (or at least didn't remember) that Chuck Colson was initially associated with Nixon & Watergate? I knew about his prison ministry and books, but I guess I forgot or didn't realize his more notorious beginnings.

I'd heard OF William Wilberforce, but I couldn't have told you a thing about him beforehand. Just another reason I enjoyed this book. History is important and it comes alive when you have strong figures who are made to feel real to you to learn about. The struggles they faced, the injustices they fought against ... it all feels more passionate and important when you can follow specific narratives rather than just have dates and treaty names spat at you.

I liked that there was a mix of lifestyles: political figures, an athlete, full-time ministers... it just goes to show that you can be used by God to do great things no matter what area of life you feel led into. And often, those areas can uniquely position you for what your purpose will be.

I felt very inspired by the tough decisions each man made. Would I go to prison if I could potentially get out of it? Would I subject myself to ridicule knowingly? I'd like to think so, but it's hard to say for sure until you're put into that position. 

What did you all think? Did any particular person stand out to you? Anyone you learned something about that you didn't know before?

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