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Purple Fig Club: Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good

Well, May just blew up my life! Lol. Suddenly, everything is super busy all the time, which you may have guessed from my lack of posting lately. Sorry about that!

Work is busy. Life is busy. The grass grows a foot every five days... Haha! Somehow I will keep up with it all, but I’m hoping that will include more content here soon. I still want to chat with you all, if only I can find the time to write about things…

Anyway, on to the book review!

I have to confess that I’m only 80% done with the book at the time I’m writing this, but I didn’t want to post this any later since I’m not sure when I’ll finish. Which is crazy, considering I normally read two books per month and I’m barely going to finish this one! But like I said, life’s been incredibly full lately.

My only real critique of the book is not even the book’s fault. I found it slightly challenging at times to latch on to the setting, the characters and their relationships to one another. Of course that’s only because this is a later book in a series and I haven’t read the others.

Otherwise, I’ve found the read to be very enjoyable. Every person in the story feels like a real person, which isn’t always a given. I feel like I’ve really gotten to know each of them and that if the author was pressed, she could write a whole story about each of them because they’re so fleshed out in her mind.

And the humor is great too! It’s such an accurate portrait of life, whether you live in a small town or not, whether you’re retired or not, whether you have similar problems or not.

People getting into each other’s business. People helping each other. People making mistakes. People struggling through hard times.

I can see how someone might label the story “boring” because it is mainly just a walk through the eyes of this retired priest without any crazy culmination of events or sensational blowups. But truly, isn’t this what most of our lives are like? A series of events, some good, some bad, and everyone walking through it all. I think it’s sort of genius actually.

How did you all like it?

(Also, since I've apparently totally lost my ability to remember things, count this as your June book reminder! We're on to Along the Infinite Sea next!)

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