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Purple Fig Club: Watership Down

I think this may be the first book that every single one of us read so far this year, am I right?! If so, I feel highly successful. Haha! Just kidding ... I know it comes down more to busy schedules than book selections during any given month.

Still, I hope you all enjoyed reading a fantastical story about rabbit adventures. It's nice to occasionally take a break from deep and meaningful books and just get lost in an engaging tale of adventure, risk and reward.

This is one of the few books I've read from the library rather than my Kindle, so unfortunately, I did not jot down a lot of my favorite quotes. I truly just enjoyed lying on the floor with the book over my head and finding out what happened to Hazel and his group next, every time I picked it up.

I loved the made-up rabbit words that the author says he picked based on sound alone. Did you all have the same preface I did?

I thought it was fantastic. His explanation that the book isn't any type of allegory, but truly just a story he made up for his daughters that he finally published because they basically told him to put up or shutup (but in a much cuter fashion). In reality, he complained that some of the bedtime stories he read them weren't that great, so they said, "Well, if you can do better, then just do it already!" (I paraphrase.)

It really started things off in an endearing way for me. I felt like a kid again and that the author was reading me a bedtime story.

As things progressed, I really started to get attached to the individual rabbits and their unique personalities, and I especially liked how they kept folding new rabbits into their group, despite the circumstances that may have gone down between them previously.

I was a stress ball by the time they started to infltrate Efrafa. I really didn't want any of them to get killed! Thank goodness the author understood that and didn't take away any of our known and beloved band of brothers.

Anyway, like I said, I really have nothing deep to share here. I do feel like this is a book I would read again in the future as a way to relax and transport myself away on a lazy afternoon.

How did you all feel? Any favorite characters or scenes?

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