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The Pretty Little Things

Hi, friends! I hope you enjoyed your extra day this year (even if it did give us one more Monday) – Happy belated Leap Day!

And now we are, crazy enough, into March already and there are so many good things happening. The weather is beautiful. I’m doing a fun 28-day workout challenge. My plants are blooming … and that’s mainly what this entry is about because I took a few nice pictures this morning that I want to share.

Every year, 2 of my 3 orchids start blooming during the winter. I think they’re totally confused, like Bizarro Orchids, but I don’t know how to tell them it’s December when they get going.

The real downside of it is that one of those two orchids grows delicate mini flowers and almost always has half of them die off before they get past the bud stage because I forget to bring it in when it's below-50 degree weather. One year, I will learn!

Still, it does end up giving me at least a few flowers, so it isn’t a total loss. The reason I forget to bring it in when it's even mildly cold is because my other mixed-up orchid is super hardy, so it withstands pretty much everything. Two flowers so far!

And then, in the other corner of my back porch are a few of my many succulents. Succulents are the best. They like hot. They like cold. They can’t be killed. You hardly have to water them. They’re amazing colors. I have 8 different varieties right now and am considering adding more. Lol.

Looks at this one guy! Flower stalk after flower stalk. One has already bloomed and died. One is currently blooming. And it’s growing 3 more!

Yes, these pink flowers are attached to that one in the blue pot (which is the close-up above). The jade next to him and the flapjack behind are also pretty neat. I'll have to take some better photos of the big flapjack plant sometime. He's got gorgeous leaves which have slowly developed red tips over time.

Plants are just amazing the way they perk me up. I’ve started trying to remember each week to pick up flowers from the grocery store for my desk.  There’s something about living things and their vibrancy that keeps me cheery.

These have been here 11 days now and are still going strong!

Happy (almost) spring, everyone!

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