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Ways to What?

I haven't written up a good old fashioned rant in a while. And maybe my day just started off a bit rough, but I read an article this morning that got my panties in a twist and I simply have to share my thoughts. 

Granted, there are lots of stupid things on the Internet ... LOTS ... but occasionally,  I come across something that seems utterly ridiculous. Take a read and see if you agree.

I like to do a quick perusal of the news when I first get to work. It wakes my brain up and catches me up on what's happening as I start my day. Sometimes I make the mistake of clicking on a fluff piece and wasting some time. That's what happened today.

I was browsing NBC's website, MSN.com, and clicked on a link simply because the words grabbed my attention:

Tips to Keep Him from Straying

My exact progression of thoughts? (Stupid. Ignore. Next. Wait. Are they saying what I think they're saying? Oh, I have to click this and see.)

Do you already know what bothers me about this story? Good. Then what I type next won't have to be too persuasive.

Since when is it the woman's responsibility to keep her "man" from cheating on her? I thought everyone was pretty much responsible for their own behavior and that if you have a significant other with a wandering eye, it's oftentimes nothing to do with you. By counter logic then, is a woman partially to blame when her boyfriend/husband is unfaithful? Is it part of her job description to make sure she does everything in her power to keep him monogamous?

That sounds like a lot of work, being responsible for somebody else's actions too...

The only worthwhile tip in the whole story is the first one(which by the way has 21 in all! Really? 21 distinct things a woman should do to prevent that jerk she's with from being a jerk?): Be careful who you date in the first place. Okay, fine. Good advice.

Otherwise, the rest of it is lame and/or basic relationship advice. 

My favorite one:

14. Solve the little problems
Pay attention to moods and solve petty arguments quickly. Let him know that you're there to talk and are willing to talk through the issues; otherwise, he may decide to escape his problems by running into another attentive woman's arms. Don't let little problems turn into big ones.

Oh, so unresolved disagreements are the woman's responsibility? Otherwise we live under the threat that we'll lost him? So ... much ... fury.

Look, I know that guys aren't going to be clicking through MSN's Glo stories, so I can see why it targets a female audience. But then maybe this content has no place being on the Internet at all. 

Am I right?

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