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Welcome to New York

Well, Adam and take off (I would say bright too, but it won't be!) early tomorrow for New York City! Not only is it our first vacation in forever, it's also ... if you can believe it ... the first time the two of us have left the state of Florida together on a trip is just the two of us. We've traveled before, but mainly for family and work events. This is our first official out-of-state, say goodbye to work, live it up like you're kids again vacation!


And yes, we chose to go to New York in the dead of winter and yes, it was totally on purpose. Fingers crossed that Adam gets to see his first snow! (Either way, it will be cold. The forecasted low for Saturday is 3. THREE!)

We're going to do lots of touristy goofy things and hopefully take lots of touristy goofy pictures. Neither one of us has ever been before, so we're both looking forward to seeing all the famous buildings, parks and historical sites that we can fit into 5 days.

Adam unfortunately hurt his foot last weekend, but it's slowly getting better. He says with the padded insert that we bought that he should be able to get around okay, but we'll definitely be more limited than we initially thought. If anything though, that'll help us take it slowly and enjoy it. Maybe we'll even stumble upon some places we wouldn't have found it we had scheduled ourselves more strictly.

Here's to adventure! See you all when we get back!

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